Lawn Care Service Tips for Homeowners

An extremely important lawn care service tip is to regulate your garden’s water. Lawns have been known to expire due to dehydrations;¬†however, they can be even more damaged by overwatering. Most grass only needs 2 inches of water per week. But if you are unsure, try buying a water or rain gauge, this will help you make sure your lawn is receiving sufficient water. Rain gauges can be found in most garden stores or nurseries and will save you a great deal of trouble, by properly measuring your soil’s moisture content.lawn care service

Lawn care service tips regarding fertilization also vary, all depending on what kind of grass you have, in addition to your region’s climate. Like all plants, grass does need some kind of nourishment in order to grow, and the nutrients found within fertilizer will allow your grass to grow throughout the seasons. Many experts suggest you fertilize your lawn a minimum of 3 times a year, although some say the best lawns should be fertilized at least 6 times a year.

Applying down a fertilizer, however, is not sufficient to ensure a healthy lawn. Some crucial tips involve what you will need to do once you have applied your fertilizer. For example, never fertilize your lawn during a drought. For a fertilizer to work, it needs several waterings, or it will dry out and stop any nourishment from getting to your plants. Try speaking to a professional nursery or a lawn care expert, they will be able to supply you with tips regarding the right type of fertilization for your area.

Lawns are extremely eco-friendly and will absorb carbon dioxide. If your lawn is thriving, think about helping your neighbors out to improve their lawns. Some organizations will work with gardening centers or nurseries and provide lawn care advice for homeowners. This will help less experienced gardeners maintain their own lawns and gardens.

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